Thursday, August 23, 2012

ABC Challenge: "V"

We sure are getting to the end of the alphabet here in the Alphabet Challenge!  I'm a little behind this week and I have to try to squeeze two more letters in after this one.  One of those letters is going to be difficult.  I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing but they aren't flowing too good.  I will come up with something though!!

Today we are featuring the letter V.  I actually had two polishes that started with the letter V and the one I decided to go with was China Glaze Velvet Bow.  I believe this is part of the holiday 2011 collection but I don't think a similar color would be too hard to find.  It is a nice vampy deep red.  I found it a little boring by itself so I spiced it up with Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection.  This top coat adds so much to a manicure and I feel like I never hear about it or see anyone using it!  I love how it can transform a manicure!

Don't be surprised if you see another post from me later today so I can get caught up here.
The combo outdoors, no flash.

Velvet Bow with flash indoors.

The combo indoors, no flash (using light box)


  1. That is such a lovely Red. I remember I wanted this shade, and for some damn reason I couldn't find it easily! lol (i have to go to winners to find ChG and it was just poor selection) ANyways I didn't bother ording it on-line and soon I forgot about it. But you have re-awaken my lem for this shade :)

  2. Beautiful. I should grab that Luxe effects, it would double my collection!

  3. wow, I totally forgot about this polish!! it looks great on you!!! and even better with the Luxe Effects =)

  4. I almost used this one for V, too! Really pretty! I should pick up Pure Pearlfection. I was underwhelmed by it in the bottle, but it looks lovely layered.

  5. Ooh, the Pure Pearlfection really made that red look different! You're right, I don't ever hear about it either. Very pretty combo. :)

  6. I need Pure Pearlfection soooo bad! I love the red, too. It's so interesting how the Pearlfection overlay transformed it from vampy to delicate and festive. I love it.