Friday, November 2, 2012

Frugal Friday: Cocktail Dress

Well, I had to do it.  I had to file my nails down due to my recent break.  I think between weather and bartending, my nails are having a hard time staying strong.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to moisturize more often and I've been on a mission to drink lots of water.

I have some pictures of manis that I have taken before "the file down" that I may post.  So you may see a variation in nail length but I have a hard time liking my nails this short!  There are many bloggers that have shorter nails, aka "nubs" or "nubbins" and those bloggers rock the heck out of them.  I just feel like it doesn't suit my hand.  I don't every have my nails too long to begin with this length is definitely shorter than I like.

For this Frugal Friday, I have a Maybelline Color Show polish.  The one is from the Sequins collection. I no longer have my receipt but these are about $3 at Walmart.  I am not positive if they are charging more for the  glitters...hopefully not! This particular collection is limited edition so if you like what you see, don't hesitate too long.  I picked up two from this collection and the one I picked for today is called Cocktail Dress.  It has a black base with a mixture of black glitter and slightly larger red glitter.  This polish is a bit of a problem child for me.  I started off using a nail wheel and the formula was just...dry?  Not really sure how to describe it but it just didn't flow well on the nail.  I then added some thinner and it was more workable then.  For the photos below, I used three coats, then a coat of Gelous, then a coat of SV.   I don't like when a glitter is really rough on the nail and this combination usually solves that problem.

Okay...shall we get on to the pictures?!!



Have a good weekend!


  1. I think those little guys look cute - but I am partial to short nails:) This color is so awesome! I have never tried this brand before...

  2. I, like you, prefer my nails a bit longer. But they look nice on your hands, better than mine! So rock those nubbins! And that is an interesting color. :)

  3. I like this color on you. Even with the two topcoats I can see what you are referring to as "dry." It doesn't seem to have a very big shine like most glitter do. Does that make sense? Good luck moisturizing. I am trying to do the same thing. I have had to up my cuticle cream a lot with the dry weather we are experiencing.

  4. For chunky glitter polishes, I almost always have to layer with Gelous and good fast dry top coat. I like the Color Show polishes so far, so will have to check out these Sequin polishes and see if I have the same results as you in terms of the formula. I recently filed all of my nails down too. I do that about once a month, just because I get to the point I have a hard time working with my nails when they get so long. I don't mind it when they are shorter, but I know what you mean about feeling self conscious when you post photos. I like your short nails and I think they look very nice!

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