Thursday, August 16, 2012

Makeup Haul! 1st time...maybe last time?

Hello lovely people!  Something you may not know about me is I am not only a nail polish lover, but I love makeup too!  I've actually been into makeup a lot longer than I've been into nail polish, but nail polish has definitely taken over and it is my number one beauty-related love.  MUA (MakeUp Academy) is a UK brand and they were recently having a sale.  I believe the sale was 30% off PLUS free shipping including free shipping to the US.  First off, their products are already extremely affordable but something about the free shipping was what gave me the push!  I had heard good things about the eye shadows so I figured what the heck!  When it comes to makeup, I am definitely an eye person.  I love eye shadow and eye liner.  I am very much drawn to colorful eye shadows but I am mostly a neutral girl.  Most of the time I save the colors for my nails! :)

When I named my blog, I actually named it Polish and Such for the exact reason that I thought I would maybe someday want to include other beauty related things.  Here is my first one.  I just took pics of the things I ordered.  The grand total on all of this was under $20!!! Crazy, right?!!

Let me know your opinions on this post.  I was thinking about doing a Naked palette comparison/possible dupe on a future post if that would be something of interest.  Or would you rather I stick to just nail polish??

I am pretty sure this eyebrow pencil is not going to work.  I love the brush on the end but it is just so dark!  I have pretty dark eyebrows but I tried this and it made me look crazy and just doesn't seem like the consistency an eyebrow pencil should be.  It is actually creamy.  Maybe I can utilize it as an eye shadow base.  

This shade doesn't have a name.  It just just number 2.  I like it from what I tried.  It is creamy.  Also blends out well if you like using your lipstick as a blush.  

Just a general sum-up of the eye shadows, they are mostly very good and pigmented.  A couple of the more sparkly ones are pretty chalky.  I haven't actually used these on yet but I'm looking forward to doing so.  

Again, I would love to hear your thoughts on this kind of post.  


  1. Love seeing these posts and actually thought you'd be doing more of them.

  2. Good blog girl! Your pictures are nice and sharp!

    Kerrie from Gorgeous-Glamour

  3. I would love seeing more beauty posts from you! That heaven and earth palette looks great! I have never tried MUA before, but it sounds like you found a great sale!

  4. I love makeup too so keep on posting stuff like this:)