Thursday, March 7, 2013

Long Time, No Post

Well hello there! I know I haven't posted in a very long time! I miss blogging but life happens. My husband and I went on a cruise in January..without children!! It was to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and we had a fantastic time away. During that trip, I managed to suffer the worst break of my nail of my middle finger. It was literally halfway down and I did manage to temporarily save it with a teabag and nail glue. It since broke and it still isn't past my finger but most of my nails are nubbins anyway so at least they match.

I've also been working very hard on my nail polish line and I have some new pretties coming very soon. I'm currently waiting for some supplies but I'm hoping to get photos soon and hopefully those will be in the shop soon.

Today I have a quick mani for you. This is China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On. It's a light minty color with super fine shimmer. Formula was thick but I didn't mind that. This is two coats.

No flash, indoors (darn you WI winter)

Indoors with flash

If you like minty colors, I think this one is worth a look!  I know these pictures aren't the best as they are taken with my phone but I felt like doing a quick post.  I hope you all are doing well!

Thanks for reading!  



  1. Such a pretty shade on you, Amy! It doesn't even give you lobster hands, LUCKYYYYY!

  2. How did I miss this? And I haven't seen your blog since you changed the colors. It looks so pretty! Love it:) And this is a pretty color:) Glad to see you post again and happy belated anniversary!

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