Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Morning Star

Hello there!  For this edition of Try It On Tuesday I have a Sinful Colors nail polish called Morning Star.  I think this was from a collection in spring but I'm really not sure.  I know sometimes SC (Sinful Colors) re-promotes their colors so this could have even been called something else at one point.  Sorry I just don't have the details.  That's what I get for leaving this as an untried I guess!!!  This color sort of reminds me of SC Cinderella but it is more of a periwinkle.  It was a little difficult to photograph to get color accurate.  It does lean more purple than the pictures show.

This is with Spoiled Pet My Peacock on top.  This glitter is hard to apply in my opinion.  It goes on very sparse.  It might work better if it was more "dabbed" on.

Overall I like this color.  I challenge you to put on a polish that you own but have yet to use.  If you do, feel free to share by posting to my Facebook page.  

I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat.  It's supposed to be extremely hot and humid today in Wisconsin!  Thank goodness for central air!



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    1. oh, and I really like your background! I've been playing around with mine and I just can't quite find exactly what I like....

    2. Thanks! I'm still not sure if I love it. I like it better than the Blogger one I had but not sure it this one is what I'd want to stick with for the long haul. I really like your background on your blog.