Friday, July 6, 2012

O*M*G Black Spotted!!!!

I hope you are ready for this awesome post!  If you don't know what OPI Black Spotted is, it is part of the Amazing Spiderman Collection by OPI. is exclusive to France.  I don't really know any details as to why it is exclusive to France as I would think OPI would make a killing if this was more available.  Hopefully in time it will be more available.  I was lucky enough to find someone that was willing to swap through MUA (Makeup Alley).  I was just ecstatic when I opened my mailbox today to see it had arrived!

If you are able to get your hands on this, there are a couple of things I will tell you from working with it once so far.  First off, whatever you are going to layer it over needs to be completely dry.  If it is not, you will have little cracks.  I was not patient enough and I experienced this.  Also, if you want lots of little spots, apply a thin layer.  If you want more sparse spots, a thicker layer will help you achieve this.  I didn't know how thin I should make it but it worked best if I wiped off both sides of the brush and had barely any excess polish on the brush.  The good thing about this is the bottle should last forever this way!  

I decided to layer this over one of my favorite purples which is Color Club Fashion Addict.  This is a light purple holographic polish.  I was out of sun when I took my pictures but in the sun it is even nicer.  

This picture is my right hand.  I got the hang of it more when I got to this hand and it turned out better.  

Here is Fashion Addict by itself.  Lovely!

This is my left hand which I started with.  Not as many spots and had some of that cracking from not letting the base dry completely.

This is a VERY thin layer but I love the way it looks!

Have a great weekend polish friends!


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