Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ABC Blog Challenge: "A"

I have decided to jump on this blog challenge some of my fellow bloggers are doing.  We will be doing 4 letters a week and I am already behind!  I guess you may be seeing me post more than usual but I'm hoping this keeps me motivated in addition to picking polishes I may otherwise not normally pick.  You can find out more info about the challenge over at Gosia's blog Life in Color.

For the letter "A" I chose Absolutely Shore by Essie.  I love this color but it is a PITA to apply.  It is an extremely pale sea foam green. In this picture is three coats.  I probably should have done one more.  I wish I would have had a little more time to work with this one to make it look nicer but I wanted to get started so I guess here's to not always having the nicest mani!

See you soon with my letter "B" pick!


Be sure to check the others doing this challenge! 


  1. This is actually a very pretty color. I really love those pale colors that are almost white - but are not. Its sad it's such a PITA to apply though :-(
    It looks nice on you. Not many can wear such a light color without having it look chalky or too pale!!

  2. I was TOTALLY going to do Absolutely Shore and then when I went to paint my nails, I forgot which one I was planning on doing. Shoot! I love this color!

  3. This looks beautiful!!! I really like colors like that, very delicate pastels... Too bad about difficulty of application...
    And you're not behind, you still have 3 days!!! And remember, you can always combine the letters in one mani (nail art, gradient and Such)!!

  4. Its a very pretty pastel, and pastels always have crummy formuals it seems. Great swatch :)