Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainbow Challenge: Yellow!

Today we are on yellow for the Rainbow Challenge.  Yellow...ugh!  I like yellow and I think it looks great but finding an easy to work with yellow nail polish is a challenge in itself.  I actually really love the one I picked however, it is a bish to photograph!!!  This is from the same collection as yesterday's orange.  The 2012 China Glaze Neon collection.  This one is Sun-Kissed.  It is a neon yellow with beautiful shimmer in it. It is so impossible to photograph though!!!  

Again, see what yellow the other ladies picked for their favorite!

This first picture is from my regular camera.  It is much brighter than this.

This picture is with my phone and a flash, it just came out....odd.

This is another phone picture and this is probably the most accurate as far as color but you can't see the shimmer.

This one was kind of a fail for me as far as being able to photograph correctly.  But I do love the actual color!

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  1. Neon yellows are the only yellow polishes I love LOL

  2. i know!
    its so hard to take pics of neon color,no?
    such a pain!
    but really beautiful!
    lovely choice

  3. These highlighter yellows are SO fun! This looks eye-searingly wonderful. ;)

  4. I know most people say neons are impossible to photograph so you are not alone! I'd love to try something like this, I have no clue how it would look on my skintone!

  5. I hate photographing neons, it's always so hard! But I think you did a good job and I love this colour on you.

  6. I love this one.. I just got my hands on a bottle and can't wait to try it!! It's really pretty and bright!