Monday, June 18, 2012

Gradient Featuring Zoya Pinterest Trio and Nubbs!

I filed down my nails recently as I had a complete break on my middle finger.  I don't even know how I did it.  I was just going about my day and looked down and my nail was missing.  I didn't file my nails down as short as the middle finger as that is just too short for my liking.  

I have been wanting to try a gradient manicure using a sponging technique that I saw on The Nailasaurus Blog.  Seriously check out some of her gradients, and other nail art for that matter.  She's awesome! They are perfect which is why I was inspired to try it.  I think mine turned out okay.  I kind of wish the colors I picked were a bit more contrasting.  I had used two of the colors out of the Zoya Pinterest Trio that I got for free...just paid shipping.  Not a bad deal!  The colors I used were Myrta and Kimber.  I don't know how Zoya has those names but they don't have an Amy!!!  I almost didn't post this as I really struggled with cleanup on this.  Sponging is a bit messy and my cuticles are a little dry so it made it hard to remove some of the polish.  I figure if I put this as a post in my blog and I do another one at a later time it will be nice to see if I improve! :)

Thanks for stopping by to look.  Hope you have a good week!