Friday, June 22, 2012

Floam!! (again)

This is my second post with Floam.  I had an urge to wear it for some reason.  This time I layered it over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I had shown my friend a picture of Floam and she said she liked it but would like it better if there was more blue...this is probably what inspired me to wear it.  I had Pacific Blue as an untried.  Why?  I don't know as it is a beautiful bright blue that is a one-coater!  If you like blue, get this one!  

Also, Ninja Polish posted yesterday that they are hoping to have a new batch of Floam and Sticks and Stones in the next few days so keep an eye out of you are searching for either one.  A good way is to go to the sight and sign up to be notified when the one(s) you want are back in stock.

Photo time!

Say hi to Buzz Lightyear!  My son loves when he looks at my pictures and sees his toys in them!  

Have a good weekend!  


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