Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello there! When Walgreens had the recent sale on Sinful Colors I picked up several. A handful of them were neons. One thing that I learned....neons are a PITA to photograph! This actually photographed better with my iphone. This is Sinful Colors Dream On. I did put down some white "undies" as a base and then three coats of Dream On. This dries matte as neons do but I added Seche Vite as a top coat. If you read my last post I had given NYC Grand Central Sation a try as a top coat. Now I did bartend the next day but I noticed chipping before I even had my hands in water. Maybe I'll try it again during the week when I'm not bartending just to see, but so far I prefer my Seche Vite.

Enough rambling on, here are the pics of Dream On. It is still brighter in person but this is close. I do recommend this shade especially for the summer!

This color is so much better in person.  I recommend it!

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