Monday, May 7, 2012

Butter London Slapper with Glitter Gradient

Hello again!!  I had picked up this Butter London polish recently and it's kind of been staring me in the face.  I finally decided to put it on today.  I then topped it with some glitter in a gradient type of fashion.

This is Butter London Slapper.  I then added Wet n Wild Coloricon Cost is no issue as a gradient.  I am trying out a new top coat.  I am usually a Seche Vite kind of girl but another blogger, who I cannot remember at the moment, had said she really liked NYC Grand Central Station.  I don't know that this is really meant to be a top coat, but I am giving it a shot.  It does dry fairly quick which is one of the characteristics I like about Seche Vite.  Onto the pictures!!!

Butter London Slapper.  Loved the application of this!

Topped with Wet N Wild Cost is No Issue

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  1. Hi I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!You can see it on my blog. Congrats!

    1. Oh my! I will have to work on this! Thank you so much for the nomination!

  2. I think I need Slapper now.

    1. I love the color and application however it stained my nails! I rarely use a base coat but I will in the future for this one.

  3. Slapper is such a gorgeous color! It looks beautiful on you. :-)

    ~ Yun